5* Starlink Installations

ACITC recommends Starlink

Upgrade to 200Mpbs+ internet anywhere with ACITC

Starlink Installation Specialists

We are proud of our 5 star installation service that ensures you make the most out of your Starlink purchase. 

We have the insight knowledge and experience to make Starlink work all around your house or business.   

Indoors, outdoors and everywhere you need your Starlink system to work; our bespoke solutions are designed exclusively for your property and your needs.   

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You can also order Starlink usually with 2 months free starlink or discounted kits;

The internet service from Starlink is the silver bullet for providing super-fast internet in areas that have no access to Fibre, VDSL or G.Fast technologies that you need for fast broadband.   

We have provided help and advice to more than 50 Starlink customers, starting when the system was released in Beta around early 2021.  Trust our experience to help you deploy the right infrastructure to support your new superfast internet connection from Starlink.

  • Category 6 Ethernet Cabling. 
  • WiFi for all size of properties. 
  • Wireless Indoor and Outdoor – use your Starlink anywhere in your property. 
  • We build a network that is future proofed for the needs of the family and business users. 

Starlink Satellite Tracker, see where they are now:    

Live Starlink Satellite Map

Contact Ash for information about Starlink and our services: 


https://satellitemap.space/ Satellite Tracker Live Website - Click the image

As of January 2024 there are already over 4900 Starlink satellites in a low-earth orbit.    See them for yourself on the picture-link above.  

Each month further launches add hundreds of more nodes added to the constellation. 

A real test on Starlink in the UK, Sept 2021

What do clients say about Starlink and our installation services from ACITC?

Albert in Somerset said:  Excellent all around performance, the install team were polite clean and efficient, having suffered really poor broadband speeds for the last three years it’s a pleasure to have really fast speed with Starlink ! 

Jon in Dorset said:  We called ‘experts’ who mostly just did not turn up until we struck gold with Ash. He responded immediately and within a matter of days we had a plan to replace all three of our broadband’s with a network based on Starlink. Ash sourced everything we needed and came over to install . His knowledge of the equipment was second to none and within hours we had gone from speeds of 1mbps to 200mbps plus. Not only that he organised it so we could obtain this over our entire site – three separate buildings and a stable block! 

Mike from Devon said:  I live in a remote area with appalling internet of sub 1mbps. Sky had told me no solution! I rang Ash who came out that same day and after surveying the house and location said I could get decent 4G or Starlink. I decided to future proof speed and went with Starlink. The dish came within a week and Ash installed a few days later. I now have speeds in excess of 150+ mbps! Throughout house and garden which is 1 acre. This is transformational for our tv viewing and homework etc. We owe Ash a huge thank you for all he has done for us! I would highly recommend his services.

Alex in Somerset said:  Ashley has set us up with our new Satellite internet system, he’s done stellar work getting the system running smoothly and this has meant two businesses which really on this internet connection have gone from a 4mbs connect to 180+ mbs connection!  He has been thorough and his knowledge is first rate, only selling what we really need. Highly recommend 👍

We do not sell Starlink Systems directly, you can only purchase Starlink Residential via the official website, directly from SpaceX or via John Lewis or Costco - see the links above.

There are no official partner affiliate programs for the residential market.

We provide services to install your Starlink securely and professionally. We offer bespoke network design and installation of WiFi and ethernet for your new ultrafast internet access.

Wifi & Data Network Services

Robust & Reliable Network Installations with ACITC

  • Each person has more devices than ever.  This places stronger demands on your network.
  • Is your WiFi able to provide the maximum speed of your internet connection at the router?   
  • New Fibre Internet and Starlink can offer speeds three or four times faster than some older “Super-fast” broadband technology.    Old WiFi boosters or Powerline extenders cannot keep up.  
  • Are you able to use any device in any location, including the garden and driveway?   Do your CCTV cameras suffer from poor WiFi reception?
  • ACITC proudly installs the best WiFi hardware into your home or business to support all of your devices, wherever they may be around your property. 

Wall Mounted Ruckus Wifi with RJ45 Socket for Sky Q or other devices better suited to a cabled connection.  . 

Double socket installation, nicely cut back into the drywall for clean look.   > 

We will help you get the fastest broadband speed wherever you need it!

Stop wasting time and money with complicated Wifi Boosters using every socket in your house.  
Consider the correct use of Cable Vs WiFi and choose the best WiFi…. 

ACITC will help you upgrade your business or home network to support the latest broadband speeds.  

Zoom and Team calls need to work, yet somehow they seem to struggle even with the latest BTHub or marketed ‘WiFi in every room’ you’ve been sold by your ISP.   

Speak to us today and I will solve any speed or network issues you need help with.  

Get ahead of your bandwidth bottlenecks with ACITC!

Attic based installation of Ruckus Wifi access points.    

ACITC always recommends Ruckus Wifi!  You cannot find a bad word said about them on the internet!

Do you have a fast internet connection but feel Wifi coverage is letting you down?

This is usually the culprit when it comes to unstable streaming of real time applications or voice and video.  There are many solutions on offer to extend or improve the radio signals in or around your home and business.  

Ruckus is different.   They are the true leaders in WiFi patented technology and a lot of the licensed features they innovate usually come to market years later.

We have experience helping all our clients deliver truly seamless WiFi throughout their properties. 

We will provide you with a Ruckus solution to fit your budget that will amaze you with the results.    You will have high performance WiFi everywhere you want it and the only bottleneck to slow anybody down will be your internet connection.   

You can even manage your network with a robust and feature-rich mobile app.  

Ruckus offer every feature you could need either at home user as well as a business one.   

We can offer point to point WiFi for joining your outbuildings or annexe, even 100s of meters away. 

Here at ACITC we only recommend using access points and enterprise controllers from Ruckus Wireless.   

Their innovations in WiFi really make a difference for you.

Thanks to patented wireless voice, video, and data technology, such as adaptive antenna arrays that extend signal range, increase client data rates, and avoid interference, providing distribution of delay-sensitive multimedia content and services over standard 802.11 WiFi.

A Ruckus Outdoor coupled with a Starlink Mk2. 

Commercial Network & IT Service Installations

Trust ACITC to deliver your Network or IT project on-time, on-budget and with that extra-mile ACITC 5* Customer Service.

Your business is in safe hands when you use ACITC.   We take great pride in the quality of our work that we do for both Residential and Commercial clients. 

Our services extend to a full range of IT Support Services and installations catering all sized small, medium and larger national organisations. 

– Fully tested and commissioned CAT6 and Fibre networks. 

– Network Rack Cabinet supply and fit. 

– Projector, IT Systems and Large Screen installation and configuration. 

– End User onboarding and support for any and all equipment installed.

Clients come back to us again and again due to the quality of our installations.   We listen to the needs of the business and try to incorporate value and efficiency.   

We work closely with all other trades and can provide; 

– Surveys

– Network Designs

– First and Second Fix

– Commission and Handover.

We pride ourselves on being flexible with a can-do-attitude to solve any problem.   We take great care through all the construction phases, respectful of all other trades and have decades of experience between the three engineers here at ACITC.