Homes & Businesses: Welcome to 21st Century Networking!

  • Each person has more devices than ever.  This places stronger demands on your network.
  • Is your WiFi able to provide the maximum speed of your internet connection at the router?   
  • New FTTP and indeed Starlink can offer speeds three or four times faster than some older WiFi technology.  
  • Are you able to use any device in any location, including the garden and driveway?
  • Unforeseen events like the Covid Pandemic prove we need fast and reliable internet to work from home.  

I will help you achieve the fastest speeds wherever you need it and further!

Stop wasting time and money with complicated Wifi Boosters using every socket in your house.  
Consider the correct use of Cable Vs WiFi and choose the best WiFi…. 

ACITC will help you upgrade your business or home network to support the latest broadband speeds.  

Zoom and Team calls need to work, yet somehow they seem to struggle even with the latest BTHub or marketed ‘WiFi in every room’ you’ve been sold by your ISP.   

Speak to me today and I will solve any speed or network issues you need help with.  

Get ahead of your bandwidth bottlenecks with me!

Do you need Wifi Coverage EVERYWHERE?

I always recommend Ruckus Wifi!  You cannot find a bad word said about them on the internet!

Do you have a fast internet connection but feel Wifi coverage is letting you down?

This is usually the culprit when it comes to unstable streaming of real time applications or voice and video.  There are many solutions on offer to extend or improve the radio signals in or around your home and business.  

Ruckus is different.   They are the true leaders in WiFi patented technology and a lot of the licensed features they innovate usually come to market years later.

I have experience helping all my clients deliver truly seamless WiFi throughout their properties. 

I can provide you with a Ruckus solution to fit for your budget that will amaze you when installed.    

You can even manage your network with a robust and feature-rich mobile app.  

Ruckus offer every feature you could need either at home user as well as a business one.   

We can offer point to point WiFi for joining your outbuildings or annexe, even 100s of meters away. 

I only recommend using access points and enterprise controllers from Ruckus Wireless.   

Their innovations in WiFi really make a difference for you.

Thanks to patented wireless voice, video, and data technology, such as adaptive antenna arrays that extend signal range, increase client data rates, and avoid interference, providing distribution of delay-sensitive multimedia content and services over standard 802.11 Wi-Fi.

If you thought you couldn't get fast internet... think again!

We have already deployed Starlink into several homes and businesses in Somerset.   We have insight into how to make the new faster internet work all around your house or business.   

Clients have seen speeds go from 130Mbps to 300Mbps in just 6 months of service and there are no extra charges!

Trust my experience to help you deploy the right infrastructure to support your new super fast internet connection.

  • Ethernet Core Network to provide 1000Mbps capacity for cabled devices. 
  • Next generation WAVE 2 or Wifi 6 for gigabit wifi.  
  • Traffic shaping and bandwidth limiting per wifi network or device.  
  • Multiple Internet Connection Bonding via custom built firewalls.   For business or the home.  
  • Future proofing the network for faster internet in the future. 
  • Simplifying and automating failovers.  
Checkout the tracker here!

As of June 2021 there are already over 1700 low orbit satellites.    Each month see’s further launches.

Beta is expected to end in August 2021 but you can already order this in the South West of the UK today.   

Starlink Website Order Beta in Somerset Now : Starlink order page

Starlink Satellite Tracker:    Live Starlink Satellite Map

Mesh Wifi : When it's difficult to cable between buildings.

Typically our clients want to make use of outbuildings with the option to run wifi and extend the network for office space.   

Rather than dig trenches and purchase expensive cable (or run fragile cables overhead and risk damage or limit the reliability) we have many times now configured fast and reliable Mesh networking.   

Saving the client hundreds or thousands, mesh networks also offer more flexibility and are not static so access points can be re-positioned in the future with ease.   

  • Full independency of hardware controller.  Any access point can act as the master unit. 
  • Configure once and deploy everywhere.    Add as many access points as you like.   
  • Configure centrally and deploy networks across remote sites.   
  • Configure secure internet access for different devices and achieve secure segregation with virtual lans. 
  • Higher gain antenna and patented beam flex technology truly makes all the difference.   Speak to us and request a demo!