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Here is an example of a 'good' speed on rural slow broadband maybe less than 10Mbps download and under 1Mbps upload.

4G Home Mobile Broadband will help

Are you unable to get fast enough internet for your needs where you live?   
Do you live in a rural area of Somerset, Devon or Dorset and your broadband is just too slow?
Is your business suffering because of bad internet? 
Do you have a caravan and or internet via the best Wifi around your holiday home?
Are you struggling to see any Fibre in your area soon, or indeed ever?
Speak to me today and I will give you insight into potential upgraded 4G broadband.    
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4G LTE Not for you?   Check out the Starlink page here and learn how I can help you. 

Starlink ACITC

4G Home Broadband speeds can be many times faster, more reliable and even cheaper than the landline.

Today you need a good broadband experience that serves a decent download bandwidth & also something better than the 1Mbps upload limit you may only get on cabled internet.   I have helped many customers upgrade their internet access when they thought it was not possible.  
4G LTE home broadband solutions will give you speeds of 10, 20 or even 30Mbps upload bandwidth.     
This is alongside massively improved download speeds which might be 5, 10 or 20 times faster than your current copper DSL broadband.  
I will help you identify the right mobile broadband provider for your area.   If you want to go even faster then I will discuss Starlink ;- a brand new ultrafast satellite broadband from SpaceX.  

What do clients say about 4G LTE and ACITC?

Richard in Somerset said:  Ashley helped us obtain a decent internet service where all others failed. From prehistoric dial up speed to a reliable 20+Mb service. Enough to keep us going until FTTP makes it into rural Somerset! Nothing to lose by having him round for a free site survey. Thanks Ash

Hab R in Glastonbury said: Found Ash Cox through a web search for Somerset based IT assistance. quick to respond and came on site promptly as agreed (which is already unusual).
He quickly identified the issue proposed a number of solutions. I liked he was aware of budget concerns at all times.
In the end we arrived at an excellent set up which was to resolve major shortcomings in speeds both to our (rural) premises and the network within and ironed out some small niggles promptly no fuss.
Only concern is he explains things very fast but then again we are perhaps not that up to speed.
Would recommend him anytime.

Tony from Exmoor said:  We have struggled with dreadful broadband connectivity in a remote location until Ash delivered us a superb solution. It is giving us great connectivity combining 2 providers with a high level of resilience at a affordable price. Ash gave great advice, delivered the solution quickly and continues to provide high quality support if required. Anyone with poor broadband and or difficult Wi-fi conditions should contact Ash, he will be the help you need.

Lee from Devon said:  Ash absolutely put to bed years of BT rubbish internet. Being in a rural area, just 1 mile from super-fast broadband is frustrating & expensive to bring in.  Ash came and done a free survey and found we could get double figure speed via 4g. It was a no brainier. He connected us up, troubleshot the Sonos that was being awkward and has left us with great internet with very few interruptions. All hail Ash! A superstar.  We will definitely use again if needed for expanding. Cheers.

Sian from Dorset said:  Thanks very much to Ash for coming so quickly and providing accurate and professional advice on the best solution for our rural location that has been without broadband for ages. Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful would highly recommend.

What do clients say about Starlink and ACITC?

Jon in Dorset said:  We called ‘experts’ who mostly just did not turn up until we struck gold with Ash. He responded immediately and within a matter of days we had a plan to replace all three of our broadband’s with a network based on starlink. Ash sourced everything we needed and came over to install . His knowledge of the equipment was second to none and within hours we had gone from speeds of 1mbps to 200mbps plus. Not only that he organised it so we could obtain this over our entire site – three separate buildings and a stable block! 

Mike from Devon said:  I live in a remote area with appalling internet of sub 1mbps. Sky had told me no solution! I rang Ash who came out that same day and after surveying the house and location said I could get decent 4G or Starlink. I decided to future proof speed and went with Starlink. The dish came within a week and Ash installed a few days later. I now have speeds in excess of 150+ mbps! Throughout house and garden which is 1 acre. This is transformational for our tv viewing and homework etc. We owe Ash a huge thank you for all he has done for us! I would highly recommend his services.

Alex in Somerset said:  Ashley has set us up with our new Satellite internet system, he’s done stellar work getting the system running smoothly and this has meant two businesses which really on this internet connection have gone from a 4mbs connect to 180+ mbs connection!  He has been thorough and his knowledge is first rate, only selling what we really need. Highly recommend 👍

  • If you invite me to survey we will test with the right antenna for your cell coverage.   I have Omni and Uni antennas with robust routers and the best in class WiFi technology too.  

  • I have a good knowledge and experience in the area of installations far and wide.   I have good insight to cell locations and masts.    

  • All cabling is hidden where possible, extra cabling and WiFI options are always considered to ensure maximum coverage inside the property. 

A Faster Alternative for Somerset, Devon & Dorset Broadband

  • Contact Ash today for a free (within 45min drive of Taunton) 4G Survey and direct insight into your property.  

  • I will give you confidence ensuring that the investment in 4G/LTE is the correct choice for your needs. 

  • I always combine powerful WIFI access points with all solutions to ensure you have maximum coverage throughout your home, garden and outbuildings.   

  • SAVE MONEY if you lose the landline and move to 4G Broadband. 

  • Add LTE to DSL or Starlink for a robust and reliable internet connection. 

  • Get Wifi All around your property, inside and out.   Ash at ACITC will help you get online faster and see what you’re missing. 

Unlimited Data on the Three 4G Network
  • See below for affiliate access to exclusive deals on some of the best deals Three sell, starting at just £16 per month..     
  • Three and EE typically co-locate on a lot of masts.   However Three offer excellent value and shorter contracts, the value works out better. 
  • I have installed many of these through the pandemic to help people working from home I do not see issues as one would think with a ‘cheaper’ provider.   They are awarded for best data for a reason. 
  • See below for our best value SIM Only Deals.   
  • I have tried and tested many antenna options and understand where the Cell Towers are.   
  • Join the list of happy customers who have taken the leap with our help into mobile home broadband.  
4G Broadband Unidirectional
  • I carry EE, Vodafone and Three SIMs to test on your property.

  • If there is a signal and throughput on your premises we will find it. 

  • I can help you build a robust and reliable internet connection for your home or business. 

How do I aim your antenna to the mast?

Mobile broadband relies on having a good reception.  However you cannot assume the signal in your phone is comparible to what we achieve with an antenna. 
I recommend using to check locations of masts in your area.  This is a trusted open source that has confirmed sighting and data interpreted mast locations.   

The interactive map provided by Cellmapper allows you to filter carrier and type (3G, 4G, 5G etc).   

It shows cell quality from open source data sets and you can see these trails as people have driven around.

Mobile Broadband Survey photo on the right is performed in an area where there is poor quality DSL (3Mbps/1Mbps) and no fibre available to consumers on the Somerset Levels.   The high gain antenna is able to perform well looking at the mast in North Petherton.   Consistent speeds in excess of 30mbps down and 20mbps up are easily achieved with the right antenna and mobile carrier option.

This is a typical survey mast I use.   Combined with a Ruckus Access Point and portable AC mains I can survey up to 3.5meters anywhere and give you a real world feel for what your investment will do.
This is sometimes an art rather than a science. For example sometimes I find stronger signals bouncing off buildings or into spaces you wouldn’t expect a signal to be as strong.
I carry Vodafone and Three Data SIMs to survey with. We can test any devices you have quickly and easily thanks to the strong WIFI box used in the survey.

Example Package Prices

 1. 4G Router offering Standard Coverage Wifi & Omni Antenna

from £300

2.  Advanced 4G Router with Advanced Coverage Wifi & Directional Antenna 

from £450

3. Advanced 4G Router with Wifi package to suit difficult or large dwellings.  Directional Antenna

from £800

Typical price ranges may include a free Huawei router from Three, required Antenna and WIFI booster.   Labour is quoted separately. 

If you need fast mobile broadband contact Ash today for a quick chat about how he can help...

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