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  • Office 365 Partner

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What services does ACITC Offer?

If you are a small business without the budget or need to employ a full time IT staff we are here as a trusted source of experienced and non-bias IT advice and service. 

A number of clients, some up to 70 in staff, call on us for everything from password resets to full strategy, compliance and  monitoring.  

We onboard our clients usually through a redesign of the IT systems around the needs of the business today.   We build the solution to scale with the company as necessary.    Importantly we achieve a state of usability and reliability whereby the system starts to pay for itself.   99% of issues can be resolved remotely.   

Yet our clients enjoy an especially low ticket count – we don’t really hear too much trouble which is a testament to the quality of our work and design. 

We offer agreed and bespoke SLA (Service Level Agreement) tailored to your needs; such as trading business hours vs 24/7 including weekend support.   

If we look after any of your servers or network assets these are monitored around the clock.  Early warning notifications and outages (although infrequent) are often resolved before our clients are even aware. 

Users in the companies we support realise the value of working with us.   We have a 100% retention rate after 3 years of trading.   Regular reviews turn up positive feedback and we continue to excel with our partners as we take them to new places through IT. 

We have been awarded the Cyber Essentials and support our clients in attaining this and send them on their way prepared to think about ISO should they want to 

We are DBS enhanced.   We have a list of testimonials and case studies we can offer.  

We have been working with Microsoft technology for over 15 years.   The new cloud based systems are simply amazing value when compared to how we used to build and host these services internally. 

Your business may already be using Office 365.   We can answer all the questions you have and show you how to maximise the investment you have made in your subscriptions.  

Some businesses can indeed lose the on-premise server and begin to work exclusively through the cloud.   Microsoft 365 offers a huge advantage to security and productivity from any device type.  

We have experience in moving many clients to Exchange Online for hosting company email.   Teams, Onedrive and Sharepoint have all enabled clients to work in new ways and importantly track all the activity of their employees.  

Speak to us today about how we can help you move to this platform or indeed improve your usage of it. 

We are a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Certified Professional accredited. 

We work with Zen to provide the best value and customer service when it comes to DSL, Ethernet or Lease Lines.    Zen are the Which! recommended provider, winning numerous awards for the way they serve their customers.  

We have experience providing unbelievable value in Mobile Broadband solutions.   We work with Netcelero systems to provide unbeatable value when it comes to offering reliable, failover capable, bonded or indeed secured Intenret Access for your business using 4G from any network (even simultanously).    We have case studies including one whereby an entire business runs off 4G in the middle of the Somerset countryside where reliable copper internet is impossible.     The experience is generally as good as any lease line at 20 or 30x the cost. (however this is no substitute for lease line in all cases). 

Wifi continues to be a problem for businesses.   Challenges with wifi security, passcode sharing and unauthorised network access can be easily resolved with systems we design. 

We have lots of satisfied customers that have been impressed with the products we install to give them blanket coverage throughout any building.    Once you have the right network in your business you can reliably install any applications or services and hardware as necessary.   

We will help you flatten out all network issues guaranteed.  



The consultancy succeeds through its ability to converse with clients clearly and objectively.    We work with sole traders, small and medium sized business to offer support in training, solution design, auditing, remedial & or emergency fixing of damaged systems such as in a disaster recovery, supporting IT management and stakeholders.   

Speak to us and share your concerns or field your questions, lets see what we can help your business achieve today!

We have built up a list of contacts in small and large vendors up and down the country.   

Brand new is not always necessary and we can source reliable refurbished servers at huge discount that will last your company for years to come.    

Speak to us about sourcing the right laptop, desktop, server or network assets today and you may be surprised as to how much you are spending necessarily otherwise.