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Leading technology and patented ActiveSync technology to enable not just email but contacts, calendars and tasks to be kept in perfect harmony across all your devices. 

Simplicity with a zero touch configuration – bye bye server name and port configurations.    Furthermore delivery is via TLS/443 so you will not be blocked by firewalls.

Security is built in and better yet the system is hosted within Azure so everything is built into the other apps provided by Microsoft 365.   

Mobile Device Management is baked in allowing you to gain visibility of who uses what devices and where your company data is.    


Each user has their own 1Tb storage in the cloud. 

Easily access and synchronise data of any type across any device.   

More storage can be added where necessary.   1Tb is a soft limit and can be extended easily for free.

Sharing is built in and secure.  Onedrive also has built in capabilities with Windows 10.   

Most tiers of Microsoft 365 will offer Office apps that you are familiar with as Web Applications.     Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc can be accessed using a browser. 

Desktop apps are still the main-stay of the suite and when you subscribe you can always benefit from the most up to date and innovative collaboration apps available today. 

Teams has quickly established itself in recent events through 2020 to become a household name (next to Zoom of course).  

Teams offers more secure and higher quality user experiences thanks to the built in hooks that allow seamless integration with other office apps and data sources. 

More than just IM, Chat or Video – this is really now about persistent team workspaces that offer more tools and add-ins than ever before to get work done!  

Available to all device types this is quickly making my email a thing of the past!

Call me on 01823 793020 and you will be calling my Teams phone system.  

VoIP numbers with public routing telephony from Microsoft is quick and easy with the features of a call centre – anywhere on any device.   The costs are probably cheaper than your current VoIP provider.  

Sharepoint drives a lot of the infrastructure that all the apps work on.    Being an internet portal and document storage platform it offers incredible value for collaborative working. 

Using groups and setting up different pages for different tiers in the organisation you can provide a secure document management system. 

Advanced capabilities provide for automation tasks and approval flows for example.   Expense auditing and managing employee leave requests can be automated with next to nothing coding knowledge.   


Stream Videos

Live Events 

Security is incredibly important and with the ubiquitous use of consumer and personal devices to carry out work we are at risk of losing control of company data. 

Advanced security offerings in Microsoft365 really help to secure data with simplicity for the users in mind.   

ACITC has extensive experience in onboarding clients to Microsoft 365 and taking advantage of the productivity and security features that need to be configured along the way.  

Speak to us for a demonstration of the management and auditing capabilities that you perhaps never knew existed in Office 365.  

Sole Trader

Micro businesses and sole traders can achieve the following benefits with Microsoft365:

  • Enterprise grade Email Exchange server.     The world’s best email server is hosted by Microsoft and offers built in protections and world-class uptime and reliability. 
  • Subscription based payment, monthly or yearly commitment.   
  • Per user licensing with multiple offerings – only pay for what you need per user. 
  • Always have the latest version of Office on your computer and any other devices you use – including iPad, iPhone and Android. 
  • Keep files in sync with Onedrive. 
  • Share files securely with other businesses. 
  • Access to Teams for fully comprehensive voice, video and conferencing.   
  • Easily access a VOIP based landline number for use on any device including deskphones.  (just call me on 01823 793020 to test it!).   

Small or Medium Business

Microsoft 365 should be hosting your Exhange, Sharepoint and even Teams – ditch your on-premises servers now!:

  • Incredible value with per-seat licensing and no more server or IT engineer costs associated with managing on premises assets. 
  • Synchronise your Active Directory on premises with the identities in the cloud for single sign on and consolidated management.   Users love the simplicity. 
  • Achieve enterprise grade security and oversight into what staff are doing, files they are accessing and even what time they are logging in and from where.  
  • Shared workspaces for live-access to spreadsheets, word documents and even whiteboards.    Versioning for each change made in office applications and change-tracking against all users.    
  • Truly work from any device and anywhere.    Enable your workforce to be hyper-productive!