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Ashley crafted his skillset working for a corporate health insurer based in Taunton, Somerset.  Over a decade with a hungry passion to learn and provide excellence, responsible for a large hardware estate in the UK but also travelling to India and Sri Lanka to implement the latest hardware and software through many IT lifecycles.  He gained a great deal of insight into how an interconnected and regulated financial business needs to function securely across continents. The goal within the IT department was to provide an excellent and reliable user experience and always be innovative and look for new technology.   

Having left that business in 2016 he worked for an MSP looking to provide support to wide range of businesses in the South West.   He immediately spotted an opportunity to bring his in depth skills and experience to market himself.   Immediately he set to work, obtaining projects through LinkedIn and some personal contacts in need of a new IT service in their businesses.   Some of these had urgent needs to turn around some challenging projects.   Then with great feedback to the high quality of work, business spread through word of mouth. . . 

Establishing in early 2017 with just several small clients, ACITConsultancy is now in it’s third year helping Clients across the South West of England, most of whom we have partnered with to become their sole IT outsource.    We have moved into a new office, are obtaining new certifications and partners who can add greater value to our offering.  We support internal IT staff too and can offer training to members of staff at all levels. 

Our clients provide feedback that seperates us out from other IT companies.  IT Support provided by ACITConsultancy mixes the best blend of experience in all areas of IT with a friendly and professional approach. 

With the launch of this new website in Summer 2019 we hope you can identify with us and get in contact to see how we can help.  

  • Devices and software power your company and enable it to be productive.   
  • Technology needs to be straight forward and it can pay for itself in many areas.  
  • IT should be secure, kept up to date and flexible for your needs.

ACITConsultancy can work with you and make all of this happen for your business.

Success Stories

Shaun D; IT Manager of county-wide social care organisation.

Our business as a social care provider over the course of the last decade, in line with how we have also grown, has seen the demand on ICT systems and incoming legal requirements for the processing, management, storing and the transmission of data change greatly and become more complex.

As a result of this pressure and incoming GDPR, we needed an entire overhaul to our computer systems including software, servers, hardware, network infrastructure, email provider, network security, and more.

Although we have an in-house IT department, ACIT Consultancy has played an ongoing crucial role in providing us with a comprehensive analysis of how to address our needs within a price structure we could work with, proving to be a professional and invaluable service from the outset.

Their proactive, helpful, reliable and most of all dedicated approach and ability to suggest improvements to a prospective solution on both architectural and business levels has saved us money and work hours along the way and always streamlining the resources we already have.

They have supported us throughout our continuing expansion and ensured we focus on our business with reassurance that the IT infrastructure underneath us can cope with the growing demand.

ACIT Consultancy’s in-depth knowledge of all aspects of IT technical support and problem solving is exceptional. We have found them to be very approachable and have excellent response to IT emergencies.  

Tim C; Managing Director of South-West and Wales based social care organisation.

We invited ACITC to first assist with network security and soon realised how we had been using the wrong techniques in today’s new interconnected world.    The devices and applications used on our networks needed to be checked and blocked where appropriate and despite other so called ‘web filter’ DNS and proxies we’d used none were truely reliable or effective for our needs.    

After a successful project the confidence in the service delivery from ACITC was apparent and everything Ashley says would be fixed and no longer an issue came true.  

ACITC proposed changes that have swept through our entire business and helped us to bring about a harmoney within our IT systems we never knew we could have.   Importantly we can now quantify what IT costs to our business in the short and longer term.   If we need to change anything it’s easy, quick and so efficient.

We enjoy single user account sign on for our staff no matter wherever in the business they login.   The experience is the same onsite as it is remotely.   We know what our staff are working on, who is working when and above all else our primary focus of social care is not hampered by slow or broken down IT.   Printer and Email problems have  even dissapeared too!

Monthly reporting helps us understand our IT security posture and gives us total confidence that our IT is covered inside out. 

ACITC proves to be a proactive force and an intelligent source of all matters IT.